Growing in an omni-channel world

Inicedos’ media planning team has the brilliance and agility to work across the funnel, running omnichannel campaigns that increase conversions and then leveraging the right media to ensure maximum ROI. Smaller, quicker experiments help gain the right insights faster, which are then scaled for maximum impact and results – saving you time, and boosting your ROI.


Omni-channel planning

Our comprehensive media plans, across a mix of carefully-chosen channels. Maximize budget & deliver on ROI. From search engine marketing to Facebook marketing, our systematic approach ensures your campaign works intuitively along with your audience’s journey to purchase while our SEM services provide enhanced customer experiences.

Advertising automation & campaign execution

Automated setup, budget allocation, and optimization of campaigns

Analytics & insights

Set up, run, analyze, repeat – adaptive learning is the key to a successful campaign.

Custom attribution models

We take into account the complex buyer behaviour of today.